Apple Quits AirPort Router Range


Apple is used to manufacturing all types of devices their customers need, primarily to ensure interoperability without headaches between them and secondly to keep users involved in its product 'ecosystem'. It seems, however, that another range of devices will disappear in the near future, signs have been present for more than two years. The AirPort router range has come to an end, and users will be driven to solutions from other companies.

AirPort Routes have not been improved since 2013, and two years ago, Bloomberg reports that the team working on their development has been dissolved and its employees have been distributed to other Apple divisions. 9to5mac has published an article that includes the details of an Apple representative confirming that AirPort devices have gone out of production and will be available at Apple stores and partner offerings within the available inventory range

This means that Apple will soon remove three products from the offer: the AirPort Express, the base model, which cost $ 99, the AirPort Extreme, which reached $ 200, and the two TimeCapsule models that were a hybrid between a router and a network backup device that had prices of $ 300 and $ 400 respectively for variations of 2 and 3 TB.

Since Apple already sells some of the router category products in its stores and its models are no longer popular anymore, there is little reason to continue this range of products. Also, technology has advanced quite a bit in recent years, with competitive bidding being much better at lower prices

For Apple users looking for a wireless internet solution, the company offers a list of specifications required for a quality experience with its products. An IEEE 802.11ac router with dual-band transfer capabilities, WPA2 encryption compatible, and MIMO or MU-MIMO antennas is preferred for improved speeds when multiple devices are used simultaneously

Apple does not question the return to this product market, but it will not do that if it does not have to make an "important contribution to this space."

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