Apple records very low sales in India, the world's third smartphone market

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Apple is one of the few companies worldwide to succeed in most of its markets. However, it seems that India is the first country in which the company can not find a recipe for iPhone success, a curious situation considering that other companies in the smartphone market are making huge increases in this region

According to Bloomberg, Apple holds a market share of 2% on the smartphone market in India in 2017 managing to sell 3.2 million units. Unfortunately for the company, the pace of sales does not seem to remain constant, as in the first half of 2018 managed to sell less than a million units in that country. With such figures and a new series of expensive iPhone on the horizon, it is hard to believe that Apple will be able to reach a number close to sales like last year

It seems, however, that Apple's strategy to return to this market is to offer cheaper devices in this region but not the models of the newer generations. Earlier this summer, the iPhone SE and iPhone 6S devices were produced at a local factory, which will bring these models to market at lower prices in this region (import taxes are very high in India, so phones from China have higher prices). Desgiur, until production reaches its full capacity, the company will continue to lose sales in the face of competition

Meanwhile, the Indian company's division has lost three leading executives: the head of sales and distribution, the head of commercial channels, and the head of the sales team to telecom operators. Apparently, the entire sales team is now restructured, Bloomberg reports.

Given that India is the third largest mobile device market in the world, the poor performance of the company here is worrying but CEO Tim Cook argues that Apple will have an aggressive strategy in the future. Tim Cook also said in May of this year that despite lower sales than in 2017, the company's revenue in India increased significantly

It seems that the low number of devices sold with higher receipts for Apple is becoming a global trend. Last year, the company sold fewer phones than in 2017, but posted higher revenue. The reason seems to be the high price of the new iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X versus the generation of iPhone 7.

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