iOS 11 was probably the variant with most of the problems of a major version of Apple's mobile operating system. Fortunately, the company has solved the various bugs quickly through quick updates, but version 11.3 seems to be by far the most important one so far. It will add a number of new features and will try to lower the frustrations of older smartphone users, offering the ability to disable the feature that limits CPU power

While this capability is probably the most anticipated by those who were unhappy with the performance of older phones, Apple has integrated many other new features in version 11.3, which is now available for beta developers

The message application receives new Animoji icons, as well as the ability to set up business accounts for use in iMessage. Thus, users will be able to communicate with representatives of different businesses and will also be able to buy products directly through the app using pay with Apple Pay. Some of the partners that will offer this functionality are Discover, Hilton, Lowe and Wells Fargo. Intimacy, iMessage's Business Chat does not provide the user with the user's contact information and can always close the conversation without the possibility of receiving unwanted new messages

Enhanced reality features have also been improved, the ARKit software package now reaching version 1.5. Among the novelties are the identification of walls and doors, which can ensure the interaction with multiple surfaces of AR content, as well as the identification of 2D images, which can then be used to interact with the software. An example would be the paintings in a museum that can receive information in the AR on the phone screen. Last but not least, camera capture resolution has been improved, and now AF features autofocus

Other new features include AirPlay 2, the feature that can deliver wireless playback on multiple devices simultaneously, new HomeKit capabilities, smart home software, support for Apple Music videos and advanced mobile location (AML) support in regions where it there is to transmit the GPS coordinates to the called or the emergency services. The complete list of news is available on the official Apple website dedicated to this release.

Since this is just the first version of iOS 11.3 beta, and Apple claims it will be the spring update of 2018, the official release of this version could come at the earliest in March this year

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