Apple Releases Augmented Reality Special Site on iOS

Apple Releases Augmented Reality Special Site on iOS

For Apple, Augmented Reality is one of the Zuku nftstechnologien. While there are always rumors that Apple is researching and developing diligently in the field of virtual reality, but so far the Group focuses in public only on AR, so the connection of virtual content with the real world. A new special page now introduces some apps that use Augmented Reality in a nutshell.

For AR, AR is not just a gimmick, it's also supposed to make life easier for ARKit's users. Be it buying furniture through the IKEA app or doing your daily work. Of course, in addition to productive use, there are a variety of games that project virtual content into the player's environment. The website also shows some AR example from the education sector. So far, the special page is only available in English. Experience has shown that Apple translates such areas of its website after a short time in other languages.

With the upcoming iOS 11.3, Apple ARKit will update to version 1.5 and add some important features. So walls, windows and doors should be recognized and integrated into the virtual world. In March, Apple will even attend its own ARKit event at the Game Developers' Conference in San Francisco.


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