Apple secures thriller series by M. Night Shyamalan

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M. Night Shyamalan is well known to many movie fans among others for movies like “Signs – Sign”, “Sixth Sense”, “Unbreak able “,” The Village “or” Split “. He will be assisted by Tony Basgallop, who will act as scribe of the series. Basgallop has previously worked on such series as “24: Legacy”, “Berlin Station”, “What Remains”, “EastEnders” and “Hotel Babylon”. According to a report by Variety, no details on the story or committed actors are currently known. However, the first season is expected to include about ten episodes, which have a respective duration of about 30 minutes. In addition to his post as producer, Shyamalan will additionally direct the episode’s first episode of the thriller series, marking the “root” of the remaining episodes.

Incidentally, Shyamalan not only has experience on the big screen, but has previously worked for the series “Wayward Pines”. The science fiction series is all about the eponymous small town of Wayward Pines (Idaho). As so often in Shyamalan’s works, it was also about mysterious events. However, it was recently announced that the series was set after only two seasons. This allows Shyamalan to fully focus on the new project.

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