Apple Seeks Solutions to Eliminate the "Breton" on the iPhone in 2019

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Mobile World Congress 2018 has demonstrated that Apple is still a leader in the smartphone market, Android device manufacturers following the design philosophy on the iPhone X on a variety of devices, whether it is needed or not. It seems, however, that Apple is already thinking of solutions for removing the "bang" at the top of the screen, and its 2019 devices might be completely lacking in this "black spot."

Korean newspaper ETNews has published a report based on information from anonymous sources close to Apple, in which it talks about the possibility of eliminating the "bang" on the next generation of iPhone. This means that the 2018 models, the three devices we're hearing about: an enhanced iPhone X, an iPhone X Plus, and a mid-sized LCD with a lower LCD screen, will still be launched with the design shown last year.

Among the solutions that Apple considers to integrate the speakerphone, the front camera and the Face ID, proximity, and ambient light sensors include the "perforation" of the OLED panel. Thus, the screen would occupy the entire front surface of the phone, the only spaces on which nothing is displayed being the spaces dedicated to the front components. It is also possible to integrate something called the "black array" into the OLED panel, which would make that transparent area for component operation

Meanwhile, other manufacturers such as Vivo and Essential are proposing to integrate the front camera into a mechanical system that can hide it. Whatever the case, no top maker seems to be content with the compromise solution that sacrifices part of the display.

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