Apple still struggling with the design of the new high-end headphones

Subsidiary Beats already offers a wide range of headphones on offer and yet in the fall of this year, a new model of Apple itself appear. A Bloomberg report now supports these rumors. Due to the very successful AirPods, this step seems to make sense for Apple.

Like the Beats Studio 3, the new headphone should be equipped with a noise suppression and just as easy to pair with Apple devices as the AirPods , The new model should stand out from the Beats headphones, however, due to its unique design. And that is exactly what Apple apparently still working, as Bloomberg reports. For several years, the work on the headphones have been repeatedly recorded and the design has already been redesigned several times. The final concept is not yet to be determined.

It is still questionable how expensive the headphones will be if they actually appear by the end of the year. Apple is hoping to enter the high-end market with rumors, in order to differentiate itself more from its own Beats headphones. Should that be true, the price should be quite high. And the exact functions are not yet known. Only a fancy design and a noise cancellation should not frighten the strong competition in the headphone market.

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