Apple stops data collection through AppStore apps


Apple continues to modify the AppStore rules to improve the privacy of its users' data. Until now, applications requesting access to the contact list for various application features could keep that list on their own servers, from where they could build databases, easy to use for purposes other than those originally mentioned. From now on, these practices are banned and applications that violate the new rules will be removed from the AppStore.

This does not mean, however, that apps will not be able to do that anymore. All that an application developer will need to do to collect data is to ask for more user permissions, but they must be formulated in a way that properly describes how data is used. Simple contact list permission now offers app access only for use within the app.

Apple's move in this direction comes just months from the Cambridge Analytica scandal, in which Facebook allowed third-party applications to collect data about 87 million users that were then used to influence more choices in the United States and the UK and probably other countries. What the new AppStore can not do is protect users who have already been affected by data collection through apps

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