Even if Apple assures that security patches created to block the effects of Meltdown and Specter vulnerabilities have only a minimal impact on user-perceived performance, the steps taken so far do not hinder the process company, claiming more or less compensation justified.

The file at a California American court bases its allegations against the US giant on the premise that " all Apple processors are flawed because they were designed by Apple in a way that allows hackers and malicious applications to access data sensitive devices stored in device protected memory ". According to the allegations, " Apple's processors expose users to at least two types of vulnerabilities ", called Meltdown and Specter, based on different exploitation techniques

Meltdown has got its name after how it "melts" the security barriers normally implemented at the hardware level. Specter has got its name because its origin is even the speculative execution technique of the instructions - one of the fundamental principles of running modern processors. Spectrum is very difficult to correct, if not impossible without the physical replacement of affected processors.

In view of the problems described, the lawyers involved in this process have formulated not less than six indictments, the nature of the damages incurred and the amounts due as damages to be determined at the following time-limits

In parallel, Apple is also targeting nearly 50 other lawsuits on alleged unjustified limitations of iPhone device performance in previous generations

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