Apple tolerates Alipay in addition to Apple Pay – but only in one country

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The Alipay payment system in this country should be completely unknown to most, but that is not the case everywhere. It’s different in China. There, Apple must even tolerate Apple Pay alongside its own payment system.Apple more or less voluntarily accepts the payment system in China Alipay in its stores – usually only Apple Pay is accepted, but Alipay has such a high market share in China that Apple can not afford to remain stubborn.

Apple plays in the Apple stores in China Pay only a small role, because the local systems WeChat and Alipay have a large market power.Alipay was the Chinese e-commerce provider Alibaba e And this also made clear, why Apple takes the unusual step: One just bigger. Alipay is not completely new for Apple. The company has been accepting Alipay for a year now on the iTunes and App Store.

For Apple, China is the largest market in the world. If the company still wants to grow significantly, then there. Therefore, nothing is left unturned to make it as easy as possible for the local customers to enter the Apple world, reports the Reuters news agency.

In China, there are currently well over 40 Apple stores built in large cities were. Apple Pay has existed in China since the beginning of 2016, while it still does not start in Germany, despite recurrent rumors.

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