Apple & TSMC work on MicroLED display for Apple Watch

While OLED is already considered to be very energy efficient and space efficient, MicroLED technology scores points in both areas. Due to the different composition of the individual components, MicroLED panels can enable slimmer devices, which at the same time offer better contrast and yet are very energy-efficient.

According to Lin, Apple is currently preparing two different panels that will initially be used in small devices. So here’s a 1.3- to 1.4-inch panel the speech, which could be installed in an upcoming Apple Watch. According to Lin, this could go into mass production in the second half of the year or at the latest in 2019. In addition, there should be a still small version (0.7 to 0.8 inches), which could possibly be used in an augmented reality glasses.

In addition to the application in small products, Apple should also plan to use in larger devices. For example, Apple’s MacBook models could benefit from MicroLED technology. However, Lin does not anticipate a start of production until mid-2019 or even later.

Currently, technology still has an important problem. The cost of production is 400 to 600 percent higher than for an OLED panel, which is currently installed in the Apple Watch. According to Lin, it would not be strange if Apple installed MicroLED panels initially only in its top products, as has already been done with the OLED display on the iPhone X.

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