Apple TV: YouTube has been completely overhauled – without 4K

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Just a few days ago, the YouTube TV app for Apple TV was released in the US and the Alphabet subsidiary is already updating it for the normal YouTube app. For the first time since its original publication, this has been given a completely new design. However, the new look may well be familiar to many users.

As a tvOS in front of something published over two years ago, Google just released a simple port of the previous YouTube app and did not make any use of the features of the new Apple TV. The newly released versions are also a port. TV app as a template and therefore again makes no use of the numerous possibilities of tvOS. In contrast to other tvOS apps is therefore there s menu is not at the top of the screen, but on the left in a sidebar. While this circumstance is bearable, the update also brings with it a new frustration factor.

Even after the update, no 4K content can be played on the Apple TV 4K via the YouTube app. On the contrary. The system confuses users with the 4K add on certain videos. Although these are in the ultra-high resolution on the server and labeled as such, the videos are still only in 1080p played – even on the Apple TV 4K. However, different frame rates (24 fps, 30 fps, and 60 fps) are supported by the app.

The lack of 4K support for YouTube can be seen on all Apple devices, as Apple and Google have not yet uniform format. Therefore, YouTube relies on its own VP9, ​​while Apple uses the standard H.264 (AVC) or H.265 (HEVC) codecs for 4K content.

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