Apple Unveils News Portal for 2018 Winter Olympics

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A new section dedicated to the Winter Olympics has surfaced in Apple News in the United States. There will appear articles, videos and other reports about the games in the future.

Apple has partnered with NBC, but the coverage will be from various sources. Streams and archived recordings of specific events are directly linked to the NBC Sports App, while clips can be viewed in the Apple News itself.

German users can use Apple News when they switch their iOS device to English The App News can not officially be used in Germany, but with a simple change in “Settings / General on / language & region “fixes the problem.

In the Language & Region menu, simply select “United States” for Region. This may require a reboot of the iOS device. From now on the app “News” is available. Apple has even built in a German translation of the program interface so that it can be used without any problem.

The Winter Games Portal will also have a scheduler that will allow viewers to find out when certain events are taking place to watch them live follow. It is also possible to include events in their personal calendars.

Of course there is also a medal table, daily bests and results. After all, there is a significant time difference between South Korea, Germany and the United States, so that winter sports fans can only chase the events.

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