Apple vs Qualcomm: Separation this year is not possible

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Despite the disputes in court, Apple can not separate this year from Qualcomm. The Fast Company quotes a source “that is familiar with Apple’s plans.” Apple plans to purchase 70 percent of Intel’s modems for this year’s iPhone models. The remaining 30 percent should still receive from Qualcomm. Since the iPhone 7, this trend can be observed. At that time, the modem was ordered for the first time at Intel and now increases from generation to generation, the percentage amounts.

This is due to production issues with Intel. It is reported that the yield is lower than expected. Only “just over half” of the produced modems fulfill the quality standards. However, the company is confident that it will be possible to increase the quota this summer.

While Fast Company reports on Intel and Qualcomm, this is different in The Wall Street Journal. Here it is assumed that Apple will put in the modem on Intel and MediaTek. Even the reliable KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is not yet sure about the possible constellation. Last year, he also believed in a 70:30 division for Intel, but recently changed his mind and since then sees Intel as the sole supplier for the LTE modem in the upcoming iPhone generation.

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