Apple Wants to Build AR Glasses and Meet with Suppliers

Apple representatives made a report with suppliers who manufacture the type of parts needed to build augmented reality glasses , These are great news for anyone hoping for Apple AR glasses. The meeting is said to have taken place this week at CES 2018 in Las Vegas

Apple now shines There is no indication that high-level representatives of the company have met suppliers of components for such glasses, reports Bloomberg News have been contacted for batteries and displays.

The report does not contain any additional details about the rendezvous or what has been discussed, but it is clear that someday the so-called "Apple Glasses" will become reality. So far, Apple had always said that the quality of the components is not so good that you want to build a product with it. Here, Apple referred mainly to the displays. Apparently this has now changed as a result of technical progress. Bloomberg News had previously reported that Apple is working on an augmented reality headset that could hit the market in 2020.

An early release is said to have a display, a built-in processor, and an operating system called "rOS" for "Reality Operating System", but it is believed that there are many prototypes, all of which can do something different and has not yet decided which features Apple glasses must master. The glasses are supposed to be able to be used by Siri voice activation and head gestures, but also a touchpad on the temples will be tested.

But what could the user do with such glasses? There are a number of applications, from map rendering to text editing, virtual meeting rooms and 360-degree video playback that are eligible. There may also be a dedicated app store for applications that allow users to download content, as well as iOS, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and macOS. Apparently, Apple's software engineers are using HTC Vive headsets for their tests.

An Augmented Reality headset is one of several projects that a team of Apple software engineers, under the code name "T288" in Cupertino and Sunnyvale, are working on , The same team reportedly worked on Apple's ARKit platform for the iPhone and iPad. Apple CEO Tim Cook has repeatedly expressed his interest in augmented reality, but at the same time stressed that such a headset would have to spend many years in development.

Apple acquired the Augmented Reality headset maker Vrvana and the German Eye- Tracking company SensoMotoric to get their know-how. However, it is still possible that product development will be aborted because the idea turned out to be a dead end.

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