Apple wants to prevent spam in iMessage with machine learning

We all know spam messages, whether in social networks, via e-mail or in messengers. Apple's iMessage (News app) is no exception. Especially Chinese users "suffer" from it. But especially the political leaders are bothered by too liberal news, which could bring the population not only to their own data, but above all to wrong thoughts.

Media in China shoot at Apple

Accordingly Recently Chinese state media accused Apple of not doing anything against spam in iMessage. The state broadcaster even published a half-hour contribution to the topic. Apple would allow illegal content and advertising for gambling apps.

iPhone maker comments allegations

The allegations, however, Apple did not want to leave uncommented. Together with resident telecommunications companies, they wanted to find ways to reduce spam on iMessage.

An Apple spokeswoman confirmed to Reuters that they were in contact with domestic telecommunications companies.

Machine learning is supposed to help

Apple wants to use more advanced methods, such as machine learning, to reduce spam. As a result, spam should be identified faster and better, blocking fraudulent accounts.

In addition to the tensions that currently exist between the US administration and China, Apple itself is keen to make an impact on the ground. For example, if you see Europe not as a continent, but as a collection of individual countries (unlike the US), then China is Apple's second largest market.

Spam is a widespread problem in China Enact laws to take up the fight against windy advertising.

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