Apple wants to waterproof Lightning

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Who puts a cable in the Lightning socket from the iPhone or iPad and then the device with It can cause serious damage to the water, the interfaces carry power and the connection is not watertight, so Apple wants to change that.

Apple has filed patents with the US Trademark and Patent Office, showing how the seal can be made in terms of both the iPhone and iPad as well as the accessories.

The plug of the Lightning interface is to be supplemented with a flexible seal, so that a watertight connection is created when plugged into the socket. However, there is a risk that the compound will automatically loosen again, and water enters.

In addition, Apple wants to develop waterproof accessories for the iPhone, which can be used for diving, for example. These include sensors and connections to a diving equipment. But that would require an additional cover for the iPhone itself, because without protection, it can currently not be taken for diving.

In addition to the actually simple seal, Apple also wants to patent a pump mechanism that creates a partial vacuum .

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