Apple Watch Alternatives: These are the challengers

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It was not a love story for a long time: While Apple already defined the smartwatch market, Google struggled in the first steps with a rival system called Android Wear. The clocks, which used the initially rudimentary clock operating system, could theoretically also be coupled with the iPhone - however, one was far from having a productive collaboration.

Until spring 2017. Since Google introduced version 2.0 from Android Wear - and that should finally build the bridge to iOS to finally provide iPhone owners with a significantly wider range of smartwatches than Apple itself with just two models.

The linchpin of Android Wear 2 is the integrated Play Store. With the equivalent of Apple's App Store, the user can install any Smartwatch apps directly on his watch, without taking the detour via his smartphone - essential for iPhone users, finally, Apple denied the Play Store comprehensible the way to its platforms.

Serious Alternatives to the Apple Watch?

So, meanwhile, are Android Wear watches an equivalent alternative to the market leader Apple Watch and a sensible wrist extension to the iPhone? Unfortunately, despite Google's efforts, only conditionally. Which is primarily due to Apple itself. In the usual restrictive way, the iPhone manufacturer denies third-party access to in-house apps and data. That should also be the main reason for the implementation of the Play Store: What Apple does not allow, one replaces simply by Google Apps and third-party developers.

So anyway on his iPhone programs such as Google Calendar, Google Maps Who uses Google Keep and Gmail and likes to track his fitness data with Google Fit as well as Google Fit does find a very powerful rivalry system in Android Wear.

Nixon Mission

A thirst for adventure radiates the rustic look of the Nixon Mission: The polycarbonate case is shock resistant (if desired, it can be made of Cerakote common in the gun industry), the dial is protected behind Gorilla Glass. Thanks to a water resistance of 10 ATM, the mission is also a good companion when swimming. With GPS, barometer and thermometer outdoor athletes may feel addressed. The Stupid: Unfortunately, the otherwise lush mission lacks a heart rate monitor.

           Product Note
              Nissan Men's Sport Smartwatch A1167-001-00

Ticwatch S

The Ticwatch is a real price-breaker: With around 170 euros, the model S is especially used by recreational athletes. For relatively little money, the buyer gets a heart rate monitor, which passes his data to the in-house tic-health app for evaluation. A novelty: The Chinese integrated the GPS receiver not in the case of the smart watch itself, but in their silicone wristband - which limits the choice when necessary replacement. The Ticwatch S is waterproof to IP67.

           Product Note

Ticwatch S Knight Smart Watch, 1.4 Inch OLED Display, Compatible with iOS and Android, Android Wear 2.0, Support German

Casio Pro Trek Smart

Adventure watch, the second: Even the WSD-F20 of the digital clock legend Casio fits best with their design on strong wrists - after all, 1.5 centimeters high. It can accommodate about a GPS module, which at least partially replaced the smartphone thanks to the integrated map app. Also on board: pressure sensor, accelerometer, gyrometer and even a compass sensor. But like the Nixon mission, the Casio outdoor smartwatch also does without a heart rate monitor. Why only?

           Product Note

CASIO Pro-Trek wristwatch PRG-600YB-3ER

Fossil Q Control

The balancing act between sports and fashion smartwatch attempts the renowned watch manufacturer Fossil. Not without success: The Q Control, which now appears in its third generation, impresses with its sporty appearance and features a quick-change silicone strap. Indispensable in sports: A heart rate sensor for measuring pulse values. The offered water resistance up to 5 ATM is sufficient for swimming and snorkeling. Unfortunately, Fossil does without a GPS receiver.

Polar M600

Among ambitious athletes, Polar enjoys an excellent reputation - and not without reason: the top model of the Finnish smartwatch collection measures the pulse, recorded via GPS distances, Speeds and routes and monitors the sleep phases. The M600 has IPX8 certification and is therefore also suitable for swimmers and triathletes. Matching: Special swim metrics indicate speed as well as trains per minute and track length.

           Product Note

Polar Smartwatch M600, black, M / L, 90061186

Huawei Watch 2

The winner of our smartwatch comparison from Mac Life 01/2018 will determine their wearer's heartbeat every ten minutes, if desired, to calculate an average. Also a GPS module for distances and the speed brings the smart Chinese. The preinstalled training app is ready by pressure on the lower crown, recognizes sports activity and informed about the fat burning. The integrated eSim allows the iPhone to stay at home while exercising!

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