Apple Watch: New Heart-Defying Activity Challenge

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In the United States, February is traditionally all about Heart Month. Since 1964, this theme month is intended to remind people of various health issues relating to the heart. Apple will appear to be taking part this year and present a new challenge to Apple Watch owners in February.

Rumor has it that Apple has long been working on a way to measure not only heart rate but also blood pressure with the Apple Watch, although this feature has not yet found its way into Apple’s smartwatch There are already many apps on the topic of heart today, for example, cardiogram measures the heart rate regular, presents the result in vivid graphics and can alert the user to irregularities. Apple also works with Stanford University on its own scientific heart study. Users can log into an app for the study to anonymously pass their data to the researchers after activation. One of the goals of the study is to be able to recognize early on by the evaluation of Big Data heart rate disorders.

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Cardiogram for Apple Watch

Developer: Cardiogram Inc.

As Macrumors now reports, Apple launches a new activity challenge in the US next week to support Heart Month. To receive the award, users will have to close the training ring of their Apple Watch seven days straight from February 8th. The challenge ends on Valentines Day. Whether users in Germany can participate is still unclear. Often Apple releases challenges but also in other countries. If this is the case, owners of an Apple Watch will be notified in the activity app on February 6th.

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