Apple Watch Pedometer – How to Keep Track

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Das i Phone can count your steps for a long time and of course it makes the Apple Watch better as it is always with it. However, Apple has decided against the usual trend of stepping targets and dividing daily goals into calories (exercise), standing and training. A notification about 10,000 steps, for example, you look in vain. However, it is possible to manually check the step count.

View steps on the Apple Watch

Your Apple Watch counts every step you take. However, Apple did not integrate a quick and simple ad. Rather, you need to open the activity app on the home screen. Then scroll down with the Digital Crown. At the bottom you can now check the distance covered and the number of steps made.

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How To Display Your iPhone’s Footsteps

While only a daily summary is provided on the Apple Watch, you can check your footsteps on the iPhone in the past few days. To do this, open the activity app on your iPhone. In the “History” tab, select a day at the top left. Now scroll to the bottom. There you will see the number of steps of the selected day as well as the distance covered. Note that the values ​​are not synchronized in real time between Apple Watch and iPhone, so it may take a moment for values ​​to update.

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