Apple Watch, praised for saving a teen's life

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Although it has been designed to function as an extension of iPhone phones, Apple Watch is more versatile than that, evolving over time in a fully equipped fitness tracker.

Starting with an experiment, Apple Watch has been equipped with software routines that allow the bearer's health status to be evaluated, alerting and emergency emergency services to detect symptoms that indicate vital medical risk.

We take the example of a teenage girl in the United States alerted by the Apple Watch device that she was constantly wearing about an abnormal heartbeat of nearly 130 beats per minute without having to do any demanding physical activity. Having just symptoms of a common headache and mild difficulty breathing, the young woman still asked for medical help, finding out shortly that she suffers from chronic kidney problems and is on the brink of a kidney blockade

Abnormal heart rhythm, referred to in medical terms as arrhythmia, may indicate other serious conditions such as atrial fibrillation. In such situations, arrhythmias can lead to blood clots and infarction

Without any other symptoms being detectable in advance, Apple Watch could provide the only real clue about the existence of medical problems, stopping activities and resting immediately, helping to avoid end-to-end situations. Even if it is not considered a medical accessory, Apple Watch is used in controlled clinical trials to assess its potential for diagnosing health problems

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