Apple Watch Series 4: ECG function will be submitted later. Last night the world was fine. Apple announced the new smartwatch with a great new feature: real-time ECG. The watch gets a new electronic sensor on the bottom. Now we slept over it one night and take a closer look. Because the clock can only theoretically the ECG. The software is missing. A Germany start is also uncertain.
To the honor rescue Apple has to say. This time, the company clearly emphasized that the feature would not be immediately available for the smartwatch.

Apple Watch Series 4 with ECG

But the company was even more vocal about the new feature. The US Department of Health (FDA) has given permission to sell the Apple Watch with the ECG. This is a novelty in the field of consumer electronics. That's not entirely true, depending on how you take the perspective. Because there is a comparable wearable also by AliveCor, the KardiaBand. This was also approved in November 2017. You can buy it as an accessory for the Apple Watch.

In fact, it is welcome from both sides. The fact that the health authority gives her permission shows that Apple does not promise too much. That Apple remains persistent, and has gone the bureaucratic way, is also welcome. Because the smartwatch is upgraded enormously. It has been a lifesaver in some situations before. She will be able to save significantly more lives with the ECG in the future.

Germany starts the ECG Functionality uncertain

But the problem with the bureaucracy, which has successfully solved Apple in the US, the group is still in other countries ahead. If it wants to provide its users with the function, it also has to meet requirements in this country and prove with tests that the product can do what it promises.

That's why a Germany start of the ECG function is uncertain. You would then have a clock with a sensor, but then they could not use. The "popular" opinion that emerged from the public discourse about the TTIP negotiations would rather indicate that Apple has a harder time here than in the US with a permit. But we do not want to paint the black Peter on the wall. In addition, we have shown in Germany that we are capable of suffering, we have been waiting for Apple Pay for some years.

Do not paint the devil on the wall

Unfortunately, Apple lost no word of dying on this subject. That would be bad marketing if you wanted to convey to someone that he would probably have to wait months or years for something, but that acts as a purchase argument. Again, let's not paint the devil on the wall. If we receive new information, we will inform you.

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