Apple Watch to detect signs of diabetes

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The Apple Watch can only measure the pulse, but it can obviously draw conclusions about disease. According to a study, the heart rate measurement should also be suitable to detect first signs of diabetes.

Diabetes (diabetes) is a common disease that needs to be treated – the sooner the better, but many do not realize if they are ill, according to a US study, heart rate can be used to detect early signs of diabetes.

University of California at San Francisco (UCSF), which has unified the university with the company Cardiogram, shows that it is possible only with the Apple Watch and her heart rate monitor could it be possible to carry out appropriate early diagnosis.

As part of the experiments, a total of 200 million measurements were evaluated, with 14,000 participants using the appropriate app for the Apple Watch. To the pulse data also movement data were recorded. However, the data is not evaluated in the clock or on the iPhone, but as part of an AI application called Deepheart that Cardiogram has contributed.

The algorithm detected with 85 percent precision whether the data was from a human with or without diabetes. The users had previously indicated themselves whether they suffer from diabetes or not. The very high accuracy suggests that there is a connection between heart rate and diabetes. Whether the clock will actually be used for early detection in the future, is still open. An appropriate warning from the clock to go to the doctor could at least save the sufferer much suffering.

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