Apple will disable the USB port on iPhone to improve security in iOS 11.4


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Apple is investing a lot of effort in securing its platforms, but in the last period iOS has been the focus of attention. The company refuses to collaborate with state agencies to provide tools to unlock seized devices, and with the release of iOS 11.4, they will have more headaches when they try to use third-party tools as the USB plug will be disabled after a period of inactivity.

iOS 11.4 will implement a feature called "USB Restricted Mode," which will limit the capabilities of the Lightning Jack only to a seven day load. To re-enable data transfer and plug-in features, authentication via the user-defined password will be required. This means that even computers on the approved device list will no longer see your phone when it is connected by cable if it is locked for more than a week.

This is bad news for companies like Celebrite or GreyKey, which offers hardware unblocking solutions for very high prices. They use dedicated hardware that copies the entire memory of the phone, and then tries to guess the password by force. Once the number of attempts is exhausted, the phone memory is then rewritten and the process starts again. Having no access to the Lightning Port, these solutions will now be useless, but not necessarily impossible to use. If these are applied within seven days of the last authentication, unblocking may still work.

Last but not least, GreyKey and Celebrite can still be used on older devices that do not have access to iOS 11 as well as on devices that have not yet made the transition to the new software. The first guaranteed phones will not be "broken" after seven days will be iPhone models that will be launched in the fall of 2018, as they will be delivered with iOS 12, which will "inherit" this feature from iOS 11.4 .

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