Apple will exclude from the App Store all applications that use virtual currency generation as a funding method

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The diversion of mobile device processing resources by application developers using crypt-coin generation as a means of financing has become such a problem that even the reputation of these platforms is threatened. Ending uncertainty, Apple has updated the list of developer criteria for accepting apps in the App Store

New rules introduced last week explicitly forbid the use of software components for virtual coin generation, whether they are left out of sight or hidden, as part of a background process. The use of iOS devices for virtual coin generation is thus strictly forbidden, as this applies to all AppStore applications

However, the restriction does not apply to other applications related to virtual coins, such as electronic wallet type, or exchanges that directly mediate virtual currency transactions. Exceptions include applications that make virtual coin generation easier without using the device's processing resources using cloud technologies

Similar restrictions on the mining activity of cryptos-coins have been announced by Google, but they are currently only using Chrome extensions downloaded from the official Chrome Web Store store

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