Apple with special event in March

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Apple Holds on 27M cancel a special event at Lane Tech College in Chicago in the short term in 2018.

Why Chicago?

The scene surprises only at first glance, but makes sense because Apple last year Year entered into cooperation with the city for its “Everybody Can Code” program. It is now available to half a million students.

Education Special Event

Apple wants to showcase new and creative educational opportunities on the ground. For example, the company has been offering the special classroom app for iPad since 2016, with which teachers and students can work together to share content. A new version 2.2 with new features is currently in beta testing.

Also, there are hints in the beta of iOS 11.3 on a new software interface called ClassKit with special features for teaching. Certainly the company will go into the event and introduce special apps that will make use of it.

Learn to program

It is also conceivable against the background that the company presents new possibilities of Swift Playgrounds , The last were even extended to offer third-party. This app, which is distributed exclusively for the iPad, allows users to get started in programming.

Apple’s boss, Tim Cook, even went so far at the beginning of the year that he considered learning a programming language to be significantly more important than learning a foreign language. Since the syntax of programming languages ​​is usually based on English, he can take advantage of this easily. I personally give people who want to start learning programming the advice to learn English. Because that helps you understand the programming languages.

New iPad and iPad Pro + Apple Pencil 2?

Apple markets its iPad among other things as a medium for school and college. Therefore, it would not surprise us that after all the rumors in Chicago also new hardware is presented.

On the one hand there is talk of a new iPad Pro, maybe even with an Apple Pencil 2? Anyway, the logo of the invitation is just a hint. It looks as if someone has drawn the Apple logo with an Apple Pencil.

On the other hand, there were rumors that Apple wants to introduce another, even cheaper iPad. The cheapest model currently costs 329 US dollars. The new Apple tablet is even offered for only $ 259. But it is also conceivable education discount. The price is a crucial factor for the purchase, particularly for educational institutions.

Cheaper Laptop?

In addition, there were recent indications from analysts that Apple would like to publish a cheaper laptop in the second quarter of 2018. So far, there is talk of a MacBook Air with Retina display, which should cost between 799 and 899 US dollars. Of course, these devices also play a role in the field of teaching. So far, we thought the company could introduce the device in summer at WWDC 2018. But the presentation is now conceivable in Chicago already.

No hardware at all

What if Apple does not introduce any new hardware? This has happened before, on a similar educational event in 2012 in New York City. At the time, Apple introduced version 2 of iBooks with new interactive textbook features. At the same time, this was the birth of iBooks Author, which allows every Mac user to create their own interactive ebooks.

Gail Hunters at Work Yet?

It’s Unusual for Apple to hold an event outside the usual fields. Do we already see the signature of the new event manager Gail Hunters here? It has recently been revealed that the manufacturer sold you off from Eddy Cue’s NBA Heart Club Golden State Warriors.

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