Apple’s AirPower is due to hit $ 99 in the fall


Apple threatens the embarrassment of a one-year delayed market launch? The AirPowermatte was announced in September 2017, but so far it has not come on the market ts Binyamin Goldman the assumption that only in the fall of 2018 is to be expected.

It should have given problems with the Apple Watch Series 3 smartwatch. In addition, the next generation of the Bluetooth earphones AirPods 2 is on the plan and here Apple probably did not want to burst just before with the charging mat in between.

Binyamin Goldman also claims that the charging mat will cost $ 99 and not $ 150, as various media previously claimed. In addition, the retrofit charge case for the AirPods, which allow an induction charge of the battery therein, should cost $ 69. That would be a proud price and would mean that customers who want to upgrade AirPower, have to fork out about 170 US dollars to charge their AirPods wirelessly. The outcry is likely to be great.

Allegedly, Apple now wants to bring the AirPods 2 in parallel with the AirPower mat on the market, which are supposed to include a corresponding case from home. Previously there were rumors that the AirPods 2 should come on the market until 2019.

The AirPower charging mat is supposed to charge up to three compatible devices in parallel - a current generation iPhone, an Apple Watch and the AirPods Case.

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