Apple’s AR Goggles on WWDC 2018?

When Apple recently announced that WWDC 2018 will take place from June 4th to 8th, the company simultaneously released a matching artwork.

Shows Apple the WWDC 2018 the AR glasses?

When I saw the graph for the first time yesterday, I immediately exchanged ideas with colleagues and formulated an idea. If you take a closer look, Apple’s WWDC 2018 graphics will show all the elements of the iOS user interface.

The difference to traditional “flat design” is immediately visible. As if Apple had shown the sliders, icons and other UI elements in 3D. Since I am a curious person, I already tried dozens of ARKit-compatible apps. Common to all is a “style of presentation” similar to that on Apple’s WWDC graphic. The objects in Apple’s “augmented reality” all have a modernized Michelin-Male charm. This is especially good in Pokémon GO. Now, if the manufacturer introduces an AR solution and creates an appropriate user interface, would he probably offer the GUI elements in 3D?

That would of course contradict Apple’s idea of ​​”flat design”. But it would actually ergonomically the most sensible variant. Even though photos of objects in the real world are just a 2D illustration. Our imagination knows perspective and distances. It would probably be “more intuitive” to press a 3D button in Augmented Reality, knowing where to start and stop.

Rumors have been around for some time

Not just Tim Cook is constantly emphasizing that AR has a future at Apple. In the rumor mill, there were several indications that Apple is working on an “AR glasses”. In January, it was said that the company had met with suppliers to build AR glasses. Apple also made appropriate investments in eMagin and its microdisplays or the AR / VR start-up Vrvana. In addition, there was evidence of rOS (for virtual and augmented reality applications).

I myself think that Augmented Reality will play an important role, and I have put it that way. I also know the virtual reality. But that is not so omnipresent. Augmented reality applications are also used in industry, medicine, science and so on. Isolated solutions are already being used there.

When will the AR glasses come from Apple?

Even if Apple does not present its AR glasses at WWDC 2018, I believe that the project will be realized someday. It may well be that Apple provides it early to developers in the industry and science environment, so they can develop appropriate applications for it.

Will iOS 12 get a new design?

Set the Case, Apple does not present its AR glasses at the WWDC 2018, I can well imagine that the iPhone manufacturer introduces a new design in iOS 12. With the iPhone X, Apple has already rung a break. At the end of 2018, more smartphones with OLED displays will hit the market. They require a rethink, much as they did when moving from iOS 6 to iOS 7.

Now I’m interested in what you think.

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