Apple’s Health Team: Experienced Explorer Leaves Apple

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In recent years, Apple has invested many resources in the health and fitness sector. In addition to the fitness tracker function of the Apple Watch you will also find on the iPhone all sorts of health information in the health app and can supplement them if necessary. But there is a small setback for Apple. The company has lost one of its best health researchers.

Apple is keenly interested in improving health, and over the last several years, the company has had many different uses With ResearchKit and CareKit, the company is providing a great platform for large-scale studies to research institutions and institutes, and Apple has brought many experts to the forefront of these projects in recent years, and CNBC has become known through that Apple has lost one of its top researchers Stephen Friend sol l threw in the towel and left the company after less than two years.

Already in 2015 came rumors that Apple and Friend work together. Only one year, in June 2016, started the health researcher at the Californian company, causing a great stir in his department. Why he should leave the end of 2017 Apple again, is currently unknown. As a job title, Friend has recently become an “independent entrepreneur”, according to the LinkedIn profile. Friend came to the health team as ResearchKit, CareKit and HealthKit have just been released by Apple and initial important relationships with various universities have been established.

The researcher was probably not alone in his decision. He succeeds Anil Sethi, who served as Apple’s Director of Health until December 2017. However, Sethi just started a startup with a focus on medical data.

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