Apple’s Quarterly Figures for the Q2 2018

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In the run-up to Apple’s quarterly report, the rumors persisted that the iPhone X would fall short of expectations. Time and again, analysts referred to supplier companies. The annual reports of some Apple partners also hinted at evil.

The iPhone X mixes with

But despite all prophecies of doom, the Face ID smartphone seems to have boosted Apple’s sales. How many devices exactly the manufacturer could sell, we will not know. But the iPhone business continued to grow in the fiscal quarter of Q2 2018. Apple sold over 52 million iPhones.


Apple has released the annual report for its second fiscal quarter of 2018. The group was able to increase its iPhone sales compared to the previous year and is once again looking at more sales and profits than at the same time last year. Macs and iPads contributed their share of sales. The service business is giving Apple new growth impetus.

Apple’s Q2 2018 revenue of $ 61.137 billion. Compared to the previous year, this represents an increase of 16 percent. The bottom line is the iPhone maker 13.8 billion US dollars profit.

The following information is, unless stated otherwise, always with a view to the same quarter the year before

  • Apple sold 52.217 million iPhones (3 percent growth, + 14% revenue).
  • The company continued to sell 9.113 million iPads (2 percent growth),
  • and also 5.848 million Macs (3 percent reduction).
  • Apple Watch, Apple TV, HomePod, iPod, and Co all contribute to consolidated sales in a single item. The products contributed 3.954 billion US dollars to the operating result (+38 percent sales).
  • Apple’s service business has established itself. The App Store, Apple Music, Apple Pay, iCloud and Co. will generate more than $ 9.19 billion in revenue in Q2 2018 (+31 percent revenue).

The company was at the top End of his own forecast. It was expected to generate between $ 60 and $ 62 billion in revenue and generated 61.137 billion. For the upcoming third fiscal quarter of 2018, the iPhone maker forecasts sales between 51.5 and 53.5 billion US dollars. This is above the expectations of critical analysts.

Shareholders receive a dividend of 73 US cents per share. This represents an increase of 16 percent over the previous quarter. Deadline for the gratuity is May 14, 2018. The bonus will be paid on May 17.

You Can Trust Apple

The Apple company seems to work like a clockwork. It makes small exceptions – analysts and investors much joy, even if they are almost without exception Critical. The company has also been paying out a steadily rising dividend since 2012. This also makes the stock attractive to Apple customers and savers. Although the paper is traded as a risk title. But ultimately, you can rely on Apple. The company does not look like one that threatens total loss. Tim Cook and Co. do a good job. Observers lost only a bit of the spirit from the days of the late Steve Jobs.

Where does Apple lead the way? About Media and AR

When asked where Apple’s path leads, one inevitably encounters two branches: Apple will probably go both ways and eventually build bridges. On the one hand, there is talk of expanding business with the media.

There is strong evidence that in Cupertino the plan is now established to establish its own video streaming service. This should probably happen only in 2019. First series and content are produced on a decent budget and with people who understand it. Apple advertised, for example, high-ranking employees of Sony Pictures.

Yet one topic Apple is currently very moving: Augmented Reality. ArKit has already been upgraded to version 1.5; The augmented reality will also be a topic at the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference 2018 in summer. There is evidence that the company might even show AR glasses / headset.

Amazon in the fast lane?

It’s also clear that Apple can not rest on its laurels. This is ensured by companies such as Google but most recently Amazon. If you were afraid of Google, it would know too much about its customers, it is actually Amazon, which has now everywhere “his fingers in the game”. In fact, Amazon even has stores and delivery vehicles. Also not to be despised is the cloud platform AWS for web developers and companies, which recently brought new record sales. A field on which Apple is not yet active itself but uses resources from the competitor. The construction of data centers could, however, lead to more independence. The iPhone provider could even compete with their own cloud offerings in competition with AWS, Google’s cloud platform or Microsoft’s Azure. The publication of a database (FoundationDB) as open-source and other things more for professionals point out.

In another area, Amazon heats up Apple, by the way, already powerful. Apart from HomePod and Echo, the main areas behind this are the areas of Smart Home and Artificial Intelligence with an interface to the customer in the form of a language assistant. At Amazon, this is Alexa, at Apple Siri. The advantage that the Group from Cupertino has gained years ago with Siri – it has disappeared today. Rather, the iPhone manufacturer has just fallen behind the language assistant. But even with HomeKit, Apple has lost ground in the area of ​​smart home. Google and Amazon have dozens of products that work together. But even in this area, Amazon is taking a step, last bought the doorbell ring and linked it with Alexa.

Apple in Zugzwang?

Apple must make an effort. After all, the service business offers a lot of potential, but in the face of competition, both customers and investors expect a bit more risk, so the company will have a head start the day after tomorrow. The construction of Macs with their own processors would be such an advantage.

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