Apple’s Watch, HomePod and others will bring $ 22 billion in 2019

Corporations are not ver agrees to list the sales figures of products also in the annual reports. On the iPhone, iPad or Mac it does Apple. In addition, there are in the quarterly reports, the category Services, which include the App Store, iCloud or Apple Music and Apple Pay. But then there is the category "other products". The iPod has been categorized there for a long time, just like the Apple Watch or the AirPods, and most recently the Smart Speaker HomePod.

Other products can increase sales

Although everyone knows that too Because of the iPhone, hardly any more iPods are sold, but the category over the last few years has grown steadily. Alone the Apple Watch is the world's best selling smartwatch and contributes a big chunk.

But it should not stay that way. If you believe the prognosis of Guggenheim analyst Robert Cihra, then exactly this category will experience the fastest growth in Apple's balance sheet. For this year Cihra expects a contribution of 19 billion US dollar. That would be seven percent of Apple's total revenue and about as much as the iPad contributes. Compared to the previous year, the category then achieved 34 percent growth.

Apple Watch top, AirPods a Surprise Success

The Apple Watch alone accounts for 50 percent of the 2018 segment's revenue, according to the analysis. Cihra believes Apple may sell 22 million smartwatches this year. Growth of 26 percent over the previous year.

In contrast, Apple's AirPods are far less strong in sales, but in itself a surprise success. Because the Guggenheim analysis sees the chance that three percent of the 750 million iPhone owners this year opt for the headphones. That would correspond to 23 million copies sold. With $ 3 billion in sales, the AirPods would even overtake Apple's complete Beats headphones sales.


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