Apps & In-App purchases will soon not be part of the iTunes affiliate program


In the past few months we have not heard for the first time that Apple wants to make changes to the affiliate program. Last April, the company had already tried to reduce its commission from 7 percent to 2.5 percent. At that time, this met with great resistance from developers and publishers. Apple rowed back and left the commission at 7 percent, while it was lowered to 2.5 percent for in-app purchases.

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According to Apple, this step is the redesign of the App Store and the Mac App Store owed , The new design "gives you more ways to discover apps". The App Store for iOS devices received a comprehensive update with iOS 11 and Apple was able to observe a significant gain here. The Mac App Store will receive similar treatment in a few weeks when macOS Mojave is released.

Of course, Apple will not stop the affiliate program for apps from now on, but makes the announcement two months in advance. As of October 1, 2018, there will be no commissions for app and in-app purchases. Books, music, movies and TV shows remain part of the program.

Presumably, defense against developers will probably be expected again this time. After all, the step removes an important source of revenue. Some apps and websites specialize in calling attention to special offers in the app stores and receive a commission for every successful placement. We are looking forward to the solution approaches.

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