AR Goggles: Apple Seeks 3D Interface Expert

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Die Websi te 9to5Mac has now discovered a new job offer at Apple. The company is looking for a 3D UI Framework Engineer. Of course, it is speculated that the display is associated with an AR headset or AR goggles.

The engineer’s job is to develop “the next generation of interactive experiences for our platform.” The new employee should be given the opportunity to develop a software that allows both users and developers to interact with hardware products. For this purpose, Apple’s own frameworks ARKit and Metal 2 will be used, as the developer will work with augmented reality and virtual reality. Apple presupposes a five-year experience as a developer who is supported by a degree in computer science or similar field.

At the same time, it’s of course interesting that the company speaks of a “3D UI Framework Engineer”. Here’s a possibility that Apple is looking for a developer who programs a simple but effective user interface for the speculated AR glasses for the three-dimensional space.

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