ARCHOS announces the range of Mate devices, assisted with AI technology and Alexa compatible, Amazon voice service

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ARCHOS will launch a new range of AI-enabled devices that can be controlled both using voice commands and images

Available in 5 "and 7" formats, the ARCHOS Mate features a HD screen, omni-directional sound system, quad-core processor, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, 5 MP camera, two microphones, a 1,500 mAh battery (for the 5-inch version) or 3,000 mAh (for the 7-inch version).

ARCHOS Mate can adapt to the needs of users, becoming the key partner for:

  • Daily life: calendar view, weather forecasts, cooking recipes, shopping lists and orders, timers and alarms, news and information questions and answers
  • Communication: managing video calls with family and friends
  • Control of home devices: control of lights, surveillance cameras and heating or air conditioning systems
  • Entertainment: music, pictures, videos, games

Created to function as a companion for managing daily tasks, the smart device will suggest users, for example, a complete list of ingredients and recipes for making a prescription, as well as viewing online tutorials for the best results in cooking the desired dishes.

ARCHOS Mate devices will be available from October 2018 at prices starting at 99 euro .

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