Artificial Intelligence will cause an epidemic of suicide. All men will fight 500 million jobs

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Dr. Subhash Kak, a professor of computer engineering at the University of Oklahoma, warns that artificial intelligence and robots will cause an "epidemic" of suicides on our planet. That's because most people will be out of work after being replaced by more skilled cars and low operating costs.

Kak said that mankind will enter into a "dystrophy of unemployment," in which only 500 million jobs will be available in the world. According to him, autonomous vehicles will leave one third of the planet's population without work. Thus, the number of people who will consume alcohol, drugs and depression will grow faster.

Moreover, futurist Ian Pearson said that artificial intelligence would become so powerful that people would have no choice but to merge with it into a new species called "homo machinus."

This theory is also supported by Susan Schneider, an expert at the University of Connecticut and the Princeton Advanced Studies Institute, who thinks it is quite possible that there are very advanced civilizations in the universe, some billions of years old that have passed the stage The organic. These forms of life are, in her opinion, governed by technology rather than by biology. "And on Earth, future civilizations will also be based on artificial intelligence," Schneider said.

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Billionaire Elon Musk also believes that people will have to become cyborgs in order not to be irrelevant in the future. As artificial intelligence systems develop, people will have to compensate for their biological weaknesses by integrating computers into their own brains, Musk said at the World Government Summit in Dubai.

In this way, people will benefit from a higher processing power and will be better able to compete with robots in the job competition. The first jobs that will disappear will be those of drivers because they will soon be replaced by autopilot systems on machines, according to Elon Musk

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