Artwizz iPhone Cases: With Color in the Spring

Hardly anything is in our hands as often as our iPhone. Accordingly, it should look - in the required protective cover - also good. If you want to pay tribute to the much desired spring, you can do it with various Artwizz cases. Their new range clearly brings color into play.

With the Rubber Clip into the Blue

First there is the Artwizz Rubber Clip. A slim backside clip with a soft, soft-touch coating, which is extremely comfortable and handy in the hand and optimally protects your iPhone from everyday wear and tear. The case is now available in the color Space Blue. A matte, soft blue, which gives the iPhone X a special touch and a nice change to the gray monotony that offers on the accessory market romping protective covers. For those who like it fresher and more eye-catching, the plastic clip is also available in the color berry, a warm yet very lively red.

Camouflage clip: Camouflage repealed

The camouflage pattern has been in high demand for years, whether on clothing or accessories. Artwizz now aesthetically adopts the basic principle of design - camouflage - by adding color to the pattern. From now on, the popular gray camouflage clip of the Berlin manufacturer is also available in Ocean, with additional purple, purple, yellow and turquoise elements, as well as in another version called Color with wine red, yellow and matte blue components. With all the focus on the new color options, it should be mentioned that the case protects your iPhone also excellent and is also provided with a soft-touch coating.

If that's too hip, then you should check out the Artwizz Leather Clip for the iPhone X. The case made of handmade, soft calfskin, comes in the colors red, nude, brown and black. A noble colored alternative for those who prefer classically elegant. The Leather Clip is available for € 34.99 in the Artwizz Online Shop, the Camouflage Clip is available from € 24.99 and the Rubber Clips from € 19.99.

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