As easily break the screws of the iMac Pro


The foot of the iMac Replacing Pro with a VESA adapter so that the computer can be attached to any VESA-compatible wall mount, desk mount or articulated arm Quinnn Nelson installed the adapter oh He was in trouble when he wanted to remove him a few months later.

“When I unscrewed one of the five screws, which by the way was not tightened too tight, the screw head just broke off the screw body and stuck the screw inside the screw hole threads …. The end result …. I could not use the VESA adapter remove….”. Nelson admits that the adapter is probably not designed to be screwed in and out repeatedly, but Apple does not warn against doing so.

Nelson contacted Apple over the phone to explain the situation and it was pointed out that Apple can not provide support because the adapter is manufactured by a licensed OEM, although it is sold by Apple. This can not be seen on the packaging.

The support representative declined to provide the name of the OEM or its contact details. There was also no help at the Genius Bar in the Apple Store. Nearly two weeks and a failed repair later, the iMac Pro was finally repaired and ready for use. Unfortunately, that was not over yet, because Apple had dented and scratched his iMac Pro’s foot. The damage caused him to carefully remove the VESA mount adapter again to see if the iMac Pro itself was damaged and found similar scratches on the chassis of the machine.

unscrewing from Apple installed replacement adapter broke off another screw. This seems to us little pro-moderate. But Nelson was lucky. The Apple Store has now offered to replace the entire iMac Pro for free. He was also contacted by Apple, who asked him to send the VESA mounting kit to Apple for the engineers to test.

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