ASUS could launch a gaming smartphone

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Gaming smartphones are not a new concept, Nokia testing the market fifteen years ago with the N-Gage series, which at the time did not enjoy the desired success. Sony has tried its luck with Xperia Play in 2011, with similar results, but only last year, Razer has managed to create a mobile phone that gamers may even want. Last week Xiaomi entered this race and now a new competitor could enter this niche: ASUS

The Taiwanese company is not alien to the gaming phenomenon. In the gaming market, it is the leader in both laptop and dedicated products, offering exclusive gamer-targeted products under the ROG brand. An ROG smartphone would not be out of the ordinary, especially now that more and more gameplay games similar to PC games reach mobile.

Jerry Chen, CEO of the company, made a speech in the Philippines at the opening of the 100th store in the region, where he said we could see an ASUS smartphone in the future. Given that the ZenFone brand is still struggling to get into some markets, the absence of operators' offerings greatly limiting the availability of these models, a smartphone for gaming might find its target audience easier

Considering how strong the ROG brand is, certainly launching a smartphone to be integrated into this range of products would make a lot of sense. From a technical point of view, we already know that ASUS has the ability to develop high-end products, the ZenFone 5 and ZenFone 5Z models presented at the Mobile World Congress can easily meet the needs of those running Android games. A smartphone made on this platform, but with functions and design to attract gamers could be easy to achieve in theory.

Of course, ASUS should somehow differentiate itself from competition. While the Razer comes with a refresh rate display at 120 Hz, and Xiaomi offers a removable gamepad and the ASUS should offer something to improve the gaming experience over the one you can get on a high end device of another company. Autonomy would be a strong point for such a device, as well as the ability to access physical control buttons. Last but not least, a quality audio-visual experience such as powerful speakers and a performance display could be areas where ASUS could invest extra resources

Despite the fact that we have an official statement from the CEO of the company, it is not necessarily an announcement, but it highlights the fact that ASUS considers such a device and most likely will do it. The company is not afraid to test out yet unexplored niches. Two years ago, ASUS launched ZenFone AR, a high-end smartphone with AR Project Tango, which unfortunately did not enjoy success, especially since Google canceled this program shortly after launch.

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