ASUS launches VG49V, one monitor as two

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Entering the double-wide category, the 32: 9 aspect ratio screen is exactly the double of a 24.5 "Full HD monitor stretched horizontally to a diagonal of 49"

For PC gaming enthusiasts, the ASUS VG49V supports the resolution of 3840×1080 pixels, rendered using the image update rate at 144Hz. The VA technology display features Quantum Dot LED illumination and meets AMD's FreeSync 2 requirements, allowing image synchronization with the variable frame rate generated by the video card. The PC connection is via the DisplayPort 1.2 interface, or the two HDMI 2.0 connectors.

The curved screen (1800R) monitor also includes Extreme Low Motion Blur technology, which allows the LED light source to be synchronized with image refresh, substantially improving image clarity in fast action scenes from games and movies. The gaming experience is complemented by a set of stereo speakers (2x 5W).

Demonstrated at Computex, the ASUS VG49V could be appearing in store deals in the second half of this year. The sale price has not been revealed, but given the limited offer of double-wide screen monitors and high-end specifications, we can expect a fairly peppered cost

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