ASUS "wipes" the black edges between displays with ROG Bezel-free kit


ASUS has developed a very ingenious solution for those who use three gaming monitors and want to get rid of the black edges: ROG Bezel-free kit. It's a set of two vertical monitor lenses that use light refraction to remove black edges and combine the images of the two adjacent monitors

The Bezel-free kit includes only two vertical lenses with universal sun grip. They do not connect to anything, do not use electricity, and do not include RGB lights. The ASUS solution has an optical effect that provides a complete picture from one end to the other for the three monitors, as long as the side panels are positioned at 130 degrees from the center.

According to company representatives, it is not necessary to use ASUS monitors, but there are some recommendations. First, the monitors must be of the same size to ensure a uniform curved screen effect from left to right. Secondly, the edges around the screen must be as thin as possible to be removed by these devices.

Unfortunately, we do not have a price or launch date yet, but ASUS claims that the Bezel-free kit will reach the market in 2018. As it will be a product of the ROG range, the price is likely to be relatively spiky in despite the fact that we are not talking about an electronic product.

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