AT & T Builds First 5G Networks in First US Cities

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According to the notice from AT & T plans to launch the new 5G mobile networks in twelve US cities by the end of the year. Six locations are already fixed. These are Charlotte and Raleigh and Oklahoma City. Earlier, Dallas, Atlanta and Waco were announced.

All Americans should benefit equally from the new digital dividend. Therefore, AT & T purposely starts with a mix of larger and smaller cities. And of course there must first be 5G networks before customers can switch to new hardware. Above all, the phone company refers to its more than three million business customers.

The AT & T release gives an opportunity to look at the German 5G expansion. A federal government strategy paper cites the first 5G applications at the Winter Games in South Korea in 2018. In 2020, Japan is following the Tokyo Olympics. Another presentation will be at the Winter Games 2022 in Beijing. Germany and Europe will not be left to compete with these countries, promises a strategy paper of the Federal Government. It formulates the claim: Germany should become the lead market for 5G applications.

Therefore, the auctioning of the frequencies for the mobile standard 5G will not take place as planned this year. As confirmed by the Federal Network Agency, the auction is due at the earliest in the first quarter of 2019. Until then, especially South Korea, Japan and the US are already in the starting blocks.

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