Augmented reality apps popular in the App Store?

The importance of augmented reality is often underestimated at first glance. But Apple also showed on its educational event that the augmented reality plays a role: Playgrounds will be expanded with an AR module and an AR app will help biology students dissect frogs.

Curious about Augmented Reality ?

Apart from that, it seems that users also like Augmented Reality. The analytics company Sensor Tower has now reported figures showing that more than 13 million augmented reality apps have been downloaded since the introduction of iOS 11 and ARKit.

In the first month after the release of iOS 11, Sensor Tower had three million downloads. At the time, games accounted for 35 percent of ARKit-compatible apps. Meanwhile, the proportion has grown to 47 percent.

The Most Popular ARKit Apps

In the first six months, the company looks ahead to the free apps AR Dragon by the Australian developer PlaySide Studios. Pokémon GO is not considered because it is not an app that only uses ARKit, but offers it only as an additional feature, but does not necessarily presuppose it.

Ikea's furniture app IKEA Place, with their help You'll be able to see if items fit into your home, ranked # 2 on the free apps. It follows Zombie Gunship Revenant.

The pay-apps are CamToPlan Pro, Monster Park and The Machines. CamToPlan Pro, The Machines, and Zombie Gunship Revenant also generate the most revenue.

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