While the iPhone 5c has not received an update to iOS 11, Apple continues to provide hardware support. Now there is a good news for users of the colorful iPhone, whose device must be repaired. Apple instructed its employees and authorized service partners that some customers with 16GB models should receive replacement devices with 32GB

Yesterday, numerous publications published their reviews on the HomePod. Already in the last week some journalists were invited to the Apple headquarters and were allowed to take a look behind the scenes. Jim Loop’s Jim Dalrymple took this opportunity to give the public a glimpse into the audio lab where Apple extensively tested the sound

Apple is considering refunding the repair price for the iPhone battery to customers who paid the full price. Meanwhile, Apple offers the battery replacement significantly cheaper. Recode reports that Apple has the option of refunding the repair price Customers who previously paid the full US $ 79 for the iPhone battery are at a disadvantage