[ad_1] Do you think that children in public school should be allowed to pray if they would like to? Can students pray inside their public school buildings? Can teachers say “Merry Christmas” to their students? Can religious music be played in public schools? Yes, yes and yes. There has been a great deal of misunderstanding

[ad_1] The most convicting evidence yet – Hillary must be sweating! Sen. Chuck Grassley just finished his investigation report into Hillary Clinton’s email and server violations – and he found a major bombshell. The report claims that the mountain of classified information then-Secretary of State Clinton was sending and receiving never leaked. That it was all

[ad_1] Hours after Donald Trump was elected president, Hillary Clinton supporters who were ready for the first female president were already setting their eyes on another powerful figure to represent women: First Lady Michelle Obama.Obama fans agreed: if Clinton can’t be the first female president, then Mrs. Obama would be the perfect alternative, which is

[ad_1] On February 27, 2019 at a speaking engagement held at a Washington D.C.  bookstore, newly elected Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar stated, with apparent reference to both American Jews and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (“AIPAC”),“I want to talk about the political influence in this country that says it is OK for people to

[ad_1] Right when pummeling of America is your authoritative goal, you can’t stand a follower like President Donald Trump.ProPublica, a George Soros-supported media affiliation, is in a furor after President Trump assigned Lee Francis Cissna to run the Bound together States Citizenship and Relocation Organizations (USCIS), by methods for Dennis Michael Lynch.The far-left media affiliation

[ad_1] House Speaker-assign Nancy Pelosi told President Donald Trump he will get “nothing” to subsidize his southern fringe divider,  in remarks recommending there is little advancement in closure a spending gridlock that has closed down the government for right around about fourteen days.Pelosi, a Democratic delegate from California, was asked on NBC’s Today appear on

[ad_1] Funding the welfare state gets expensive and many are asking, “Where should we cut corners?” Recently a soldier injured by a blast injury in Afghanistan received the world’s first full genital transplant. (See full article here.) While many are happy he is able to lead a life that’s a little closer to normal, the

[ad_1] On Friday morning, MSNBC “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski repeatedly suggested President Donald Trump is not the biological father of 13-year-old Barron Trump.“We’re going to have Donald Trump, yesterday, I think it was yesterday, in the White House, talking about Melania’s son,” said Joe Scarborough, “Morning Joe” co-host and husband to Brzezinski. “Maybe it

[ad_1] Nadler thought they were under lock and key – here they come! Jerry Nadler thought he could impeach Trump without his own words coming back to bite him. Yeah, Right.Nadler is moving forward with impeaching hearings and investigations, at any costs. Doesn’t matter to him that the Senate won’t support it. Doesn’t matter to