Autonomous Driving: Apple tests with more than 50 vehicles

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However, the Fah or the vehicles are reported to public authorities for testing in public. So it came about that the Californian regulatory authority, the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), confirmed via MacReports that Apple has currently registered 55 vehicles and 83 drivers for tests with autonomous system. Thus, the vehicle fleet has increased again in recent months. A recent report estimated that the company tested 45 vehicles on the streets of California in January.

Very interesting in the numbers, however, is that it is not spoken of a license for driverless vehicles. This must currently be applied for separately, so that self-driving cars without a driver can be sent to the streets, which could intervene in exceptional cases. According to the report, it should be the appropriate permit since April.

Further raises the question of the why. Since Apple does not reveal its plans, it is speculated that the company is working on a package of software and hardware for autonomous vehicles, which could then be sold to manufacturers. According to other rumors, Apple could also work on its own vehicle. This seems unlikely in the meantime, as there are reports of restructuring the project, as well as personnel changes that point to a realignment as a possible supplier for an autonomous solution.

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