Aventho wireless in the test: bluetooth headphones from beyerdynamic

A headphone can hardly be more personal: the Avento wireless adapts to the wearer's hearing by sound individualization. Mac-life and beat author Thomas Raumkamp has taken a close look at the new Bluetooth headset and explains in the workshop how to personalize the sound experience with the MIY app.Exclusive design meets high-quality workmanship and a personalized sound experience: the beyerdynamic Aventho wireless raises the bar for Bluetooth headphones significantly. (Image: beyerdynamic)

Here it is again, such an aha moment, comparable to when you put on new glasses for the first time: all of a sudden, everything was much clearer! but not the eyes, which demand more sharpness, but the ears. And get ready for something: The Aventho wireless keeps it ready again, this aha effect.

Gunter Weidemann does not hear for the first time that you obviously do not notice many nuances in music that has been known for years, before you enjoy the Aventho wireless. The product manager at beyerdynamic, who was significantly involved in the development of the traditional Bluetooth company's first Bluetooth headset, knows the quality of the Aventho wireless. "Just doing Bluetooth, because that's what everyone does, was out of the question for us," he explains. "We wanted to go one step further."

Medical Expertise

And Weidemann says so that not even the crystal-clear audio transmission via aptX-HD (Android) - or AAC (Apple) codec. Once connected to its sound source, the Aventho wireless already captivates with its clarity and precise bass. The real culmination of the Aventho, however, lies in the possibility of individual sound adaptation to its users. The on-ear beauty in an elegant retro look draws on the technology of hearing researchers from Mimi Hearing Technologies, who share their knowledge with the Berlin Charité University Hospital, for example. "Mimi has evaluated over half a million listening tests to find out in which age group you hear how," explains Weidemann the "tapping" of this information resource, "not for nothing is Mimi a CE-certified medical product."

Um To enjoy the personalized sound experience of your ear requires a unique hearing test that dynamically adjusts the sound output to the Aventho's potent Tesla drivers based on age and individual hearing. The beyerdynamic MIY app ("Make It Yours") guides you through the steps for iPhone and Android, which makes the measurement within a few minutes and then stores the result directly in the headphones - without robbing the smartphone of further processing power. "The stored hearing profile can also be used with any Bluetooth source - even with simple MP3 players," explains Weidemann another advantage of this method.

But is not a carefully done equalizer fine-tuning enough to shape your own sound preferences and correct any age-related deviations? "Not quite," says Gunter Weidemann, "because the Aventho also corrects differences in hearing between the left and right ear automatically - an equalizer does not do that. The sound adjustment of the Aventho is also dynamic depending on the volume. A constant readjustment is thus eliminated. "

For the sound output of the Bluetooth chip in the Aventho wireless, however, is responsible. The absence of an additional DSP leads to an increase in the maximum battery life, which is an impressive 30 hours according to the manufacturer.

Touch-sensitive operation

A novelty is also the operation of the transport and call functions. This is done by tapping and swiping the right earpiece shell, which serves completely as a touchpad. The sensitivity can be adjusted within the already mentioned smartphone app. Individually.

Comment: And how does that sound?

The question remains about the sound of the Aventho wireless available in brown and black. It can only be answered with a wonderfully evasive "individual". After all, every ear and every hearing is different. Our - very personal - long-term test, however, only one judgment: The Aventho is probably the best-sounding Bluetooth headphones on the market. An eye-opening experience.

Thomas Raukamp

Step by Step: Sound Personalization with the MIY App

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