Average lifetime of an iPhone, based on data provided by Apple itself


Asked to find out how Apple has artificially limit the performance of iPhone devices equipped with "aging" batteries, the longevity of iPhone phones has been measured using concrete data derived from Apple's stock-based statistics


Starting at 1.3 billion monthly active devices, based on the total number of devices sold over time, the number of disposable devices can be calculated. Practically, the graph generated shows that 2 out of every 3 iPhone phones ever sold are still being used by either the first or the other owner

From an arithmetic point of view, the average life span of a device is determined by decreasing the total number of devices sold up to the last measured interval (2.05 billion in Q4-2017) on that of active monthly devices (1.3 billion). There are 750 million end-of-life devices out there. By matching this figure with the last quarter in which Apple had cumulated iPhone phone sales at this level (750 million units), it can get an estimate of its 4-year and 3-month life. Of course, this is just an average time in which the iPhone could change many owners, undergo various repairs, or other lifetime extension

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