Beats Pill + App Now Optimized for iPhone X


In the last three years, Apple has given the Beats Pill + App barely added to new features. Often the notes only speak of bug fixes and newly added languages. Also in version 1.7 one searches new features apart from the iPhone X support in vain.

The Beats Pill + App allows iOS users to use the wireless Beats Pill + Speaker. Not only is the volume adjustable here, but stereo combinations of two speakers can also be created. In addition, the current charge status of the Bluetooth speaker is also displayed here. There is also the option to invite a friend as a co-DJ, as the speaker supports two Bluetooth sources simultaneously. For more information, visit the App Store page of the app:

Download the Beats Pill⁺ App to get features that will open up a whole new world of listening to music and listening to your friends. Exclusively designed for Beats Pill⁺ - now you can control your speaker directly from the app in different ways. With a second Beats Pill⁺ loudspeaker even more innovative reproduction possibilities result.

             Download on the App Store

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