Beats Solo3 & Powerbeats3 now available in bright colors

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Apples Subsidiary Beats always impresses with eye-catching designs and good sound. Now, the company introduced a new color palette for the Beats Solo3 Wireless and Powerbeats3 Wireless. As pop collections, they can now be ordered exclusively from Apple in gaudy and exotic colors . The new color options include Pop Indigo, Pop Magenta, Pop Violet and Pop Blue. In terms of price, the Pop Collection is at the same level as the “normal” versions. The Beats Solo3 Wireless therefore cost 299.95 euros, while the Powerbeats3 Wireless are already available from 199.95 euros.

Except for the bright colors, both Beats headphones are no different from the standard models. They also have the W1 chip that Apple introduced in late 2016 together with the AirPods. This allows a playfully easy coupling of the headphones with iOS devices. When the Solo3 Wireless is paired with an iPhone, the data is synchronized via iCloud and can then be used without additional input to other devices connected to the Apple ID.

In addition, both models have a quick charge function , Just five minutes on the charger will be enough to allow up to three hours of music playback on the Solo3 Wireless. For the Powerbeats3 Wireless, however, the short charge time is sufficient for up to an hour of battery life.

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