"Behind the Mac": Apple launches new video series

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In the first of the four advertising clips shows us Apple people of various backgrounds who use your Mac for their creative process. Apple is returning to its roots and is once again addressing musicians, photographers and other artists.

The second video focuses on the almost blind photographer Bruce Hall. In it, he tells how the Mac helps him in his work and addresses his special needs, so that he can achieve his goals set. Incidentally, part of his works can be found in the permanent exhibition of the American Library of Congress.

Music artist Grimes also uses her Mac “from start to finish” to produce your music. Not only does she write the music, she also edits the music videos and creates digital art for her singles – all on her Mac.

The last clip introduces Peter Kariuk. He is an app developer from Rwanda and uses his Mac to write the SafeMotos app. This brings together passengers and motorcycle taxi drivers. Kariuk makes it clear that for him the safety is paramount and therefore the app documents “an unsafe driving behavior”. The data is then used to alert the driver to his mistakes and make him a better driver.

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